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Taj Burrow's Tube Pig

It’s not often that blatant marketing efforts meet with widespread approval around these parts. Surf companies spend too much time promising that the latest board will let you surf like Dane, or this these fins will make your turns as big as Jordy’s, ad infinitum. Really, we could use a little less polish on all the bullshit the industry feeds us.

But every once in awhile, they throw us a bone while simultaneously blowing smoke up our asses. The new “Tube Pig” from ...Lost is one of those things. The not-so-subtle statement is, “Taj Burrow rides this board while getting barreled up and down the western Australia coastline. If you ride this board, you’ll get barreled everywhere, too, and do it with as much style as your favorite surfer.” (Taj is everyone else’s favorite surfer, too, right?)

Normally, that’s exactly the kind of bullshit I hate, but in this case, Biolos and the ...Lost crew have provided us with a gem: three minutes of Taj pulling into green pits at slabs and beachbreaks up and down the West Oz coast. That’s enough to appease my anti-commercialist sentiment for now...and maybe even pick up a 5’10” for myself. After all, how will I get barreled like Taj any other way?


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