Stay Salty:

Burning At Both Ends

Noa Deane went through an eventful few years. After bursting into the public consciousness as a young team rider for Rusty, it quickly became apparent that Noa had the kind of lead-footed surfing that could make him the heir apparent to Dane Reynolds: big hacks, stomped airs, heavy sections. For a hot second, the surfing came secondary in the conversation around Noa based on the ever-present cigarettes and beers in videos, despite the fact that his surfing didn't seem to suffer as he palled around the globe with some of the premiere free surfers of our time. The "fuck the WSL" comment didn't help anything, even if he was right (but maybe not the right venue).

Thankfully, "Candle" is five minutes of bangers straight outta the gate. Noa and filmmaker Mikey Mallalieu eschew an excess of arty lifestyle shots (despite a touch of grainy 16mm floating around briefly) in favor of highlighting just how on point Noa's surfing is. Try not to fast forward to the end: it's worth the wait.


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