Stay Salty:

Mikey Wright and Friends In France

Mikey Wright is clearly the standout of this video. There's no way around it. Don't get me wrong, there's some very fine surfing from all of the Quiksilver folks (more Mikey February on a twin fin, please) and the beaches of France look as inviting as ever, but face facts: the youngest Wright sibling's end part is a banger of a web clip. The juxtaposition with the other surfing just makes it feel that much more raw.

It's also pretty obvious that Quiksilver's post-Kelly-exodus marketing strategy relies on the youth. With good surfing from Wright, February, Conor O'Leary, Leo Fioravanti, etc, that's one pillar. But Wright's mullet and a few topless French chicks in a video aren't magically going to make Quiksilver's branding hip again.


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