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View From A Blue Moon Is the Best Surf Movie in a Year of Great Surf Movies

The true measure a professional surfer’s success is how entertaining he or she is. Forget contest results, a faux-objective measurement of what is a clearly a subjective art. The real truth is this: does his surfing make your jaw drop? Does watching her surf make you want to paddle out yourself? Is his surfing something you can watch over, and over, and over again.

John John Florence’s latest movie, View From A Blue Moon proves, without a doubt, that JJF is the the best surfer currently on the planet. Forget the supporting cast of other incredible surfers, the stunning Brain Farm cinematography, and John C. Reilly’s narration, they’re truffle fries next to the world’s biggest lobster roll: completely unnecessary. John Florence’s performance (he’s decided he only needs one ‘John’ from now on) is fucking ridiculous. I really don’t have other adjectives for it. His control of board and body, and his ability to read waves, putting himself in critical spots and drawing lines no one else even sees, let alone could think about making, is sublime. It’s barely believable, nearly sliding into the valley of the uncanny. I almost don’t want to surf anymore, knowing that I could dedicate every waking moment of the rest of my life to surfing, and I wouldn’t even come close to matching what he can do.

The backdrops are familiar: South Africa, Pipeline, West Oz, albeit all with Travis Rice’s heralded production company shooting them from new angles. But despite the comfortable geographic locations, what John and crew accomplish tearing through them is nonsense. Bigger, faster, shit, I’ve run out of superlatives for this movie.

Should you buy it? The other day, my fiancee and I went and had lunch. I had a gyro, a big one, and a twenty ounce soda. After tax and tip, it was like $12. A few hours later, the last of it was gone. Forever. $12 down the tube. For every person out there that complains about spending a few dollars on a surf movie, just think about what your last meal or bar tab cost, or how much you spent on pot this week alone. For that same $12, you could let John Florence repeatedly blow your mind, until your iTunes account locks up from overuse.


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