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Dave Rastovich Charges Massive Cloudbreak

Welcome back to Film Fridays, a feature where we post a video every Friday for your viewing pleasure. We know you're at work and looking for any excuse to not do the things you're supposed to be doing.

Starting Sunday, for two weeks, all of the eyeballs around the world that pay attention to competitive surfing will be glued to the men's and women's Fiji Pro, taking place just off Tavarua, way out in the middle of the Pacific. You'll hear no end of Turpel-ian commentary about both Cloudbreak and Restaurants, and kava, and social media will be full of Australians drinking through snorkels.

But the way the WSL does Cloudbreak ain't the only way it can be done. With two disappointing contests last year, one could almost be forgiven for forgetting just what Cloudbreak is capable of producing. Fortunately, Dave Rastovich is here to remind us all that it can be big, and it can be ridden big with such style!

You might recall that Rasta is the guy that paddled into some heavy beasts at Teahupoo during the filming of This Time Tomorrow. The man is as at home in the big stuff as he is getting barreled on finless little craft. Watch below as he scores Cloudbreak in a semi-private session, making the rest of us look mortal.

Bonus: You may remember that last year's women's contest left something to be desired, from a performance standpoint. To be fair to the girls, it was the first year that the contest had run in Fiji, and the first time many of them had ever competed in waves of that size and ferocity. But in the year since, a lot of them have put in the work on the heavier side of surfing, including miss Laura Enever, who earlier this year, pulled herself into some sizable Fijian tubes. Check out the full feature on Stab.


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