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Conner Coffin - No Replacement for Displacement

There's been a lot of talk about 'progression' versus rail surfing in the last week or so, especially in the wake of Fanning's win at the Hurley Pro. There's this idea that any maneuver above the lip is automatically more progressive, and therefore better, than good on rail surfing.

Conner Coffin's latest Young Wise Tails edit comes at a perfect time for this discussion. What is undoubtedly true after watching this video is that good power surfing is beautiful. It's explosive and exciting, almost to the point of violence. It's progressive in the new places you can draw a powerful line. And when the oldest brother of the Coffin duo does take to the air, he doesn't dance daintily above the lip, he explodes through it with a technique that's reminiscent of another Rincon-groomed local we all know and love.

I've long maintained Conner Coffin is the member of the upcoming generation most likely to carry the power surfing torch to the masses. This edit is just another piece of the puzzle proving that old American adage, "there's no replacement for displacement."


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